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Maxing Out Your Graphics Card With Tomb Raider Legend

Technical Progress

The screenshots from the first six installments of Tomb Raider show how far the game's graphics have progressed. .

The most obvious effects of activating Next Generation Content mode are on light sources. Everything that shines like a lamp is switched off. It looks that way throughout the entire game. The global light source makes objects such as the leather sofa shine, and stone artifacts or fireplace ornaments seem metallic. Lara's skin also seems to shine and resembles plastic. In normal mode, Lara looks like a character in a comic book.

The soft evening light and shine effect on the floor remind me of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. The shadows look better in Next Generation mode. The frame rate in normal mode is superfluous, since any rapid turns with Next Generation Content activated causes glitches.

The technology room in Lara's apartment is filled with much attention to detail. The shadows on the floor and the light playing on the objects are simply fantastic to look at.