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Finger Exercises: The Hard Drive And SSD

A Removable Drive Cage Simplifies Installation

The drive cage is easy to pull out of the chassis without necessitating that you work in the confines of a 6.45 L box. That's good news for those of us with not-so-nimble fingers.

The plastic faceplate is removable as well. However, be careful to bend the plastic clips gently, or they may end up in the trash and not back in the case.

Left: Thumbscrew

Middle: Joint

Right: Small Lever

Installing the 3.5” Drive

You simply slide the 3.5” hard drive into place, and then fasten it with a quick-release mechanism. This makes installation easy. However, it doesn't decouple the disk from the chassis in any way.

Fortunately, even though our storage device wasn't isolated, we couldn't hear the 300 GB Velociraptor spinning away. The fact that Chieftec's enclosure is built like a piece of WWII armor, and not like an aluminum can, really helps mitigate vibration.

Installing the 2.5” Drive

The SSD is attached to the chassis by good old-fashioned screws, and getting to them is no problem with the removable drive cage.

SSD boot drive? Check. Hard drive for user data? Check. Now it’s time to deal with that slim optical drive.