The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 2

Socket A: June 2000 To Today, Continued

The Thunderbird C with 1 GHz CPU clock speed and 133 MHz FSB, which was sensational at the time.

The Duron with Morgan core, which was the first to support SSE and the last with ceramic packaging.

The back of a Socket A Athlon CPU in ceramic packaging.

The first AthlonXP with 180 nm production process.

AthlonXP with 130nm die

On the back of the AthlonXP (130nm version) are resistors and capacitors.

The last AthlonXP with a Barton core was launched in May 2003, making its final appearance with a 2200 MHz clock speed, a 200 MHz FSB and a 512 kB L2 cache.

AMD's Sempron becomes the last CPU for Socket A.

The back of the AMD Sempron

The last CPU from AMD with a 512 kB L2-Cache: Sempron 3000+
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