MPEG-4: FlasK MPEG/Divx's Improved Coding

Expanded Support For AMD And Intel

FlasK MPEG 0.6 supports seven different command extensions for iDCT.

FlasK MPEG provides several encoding algorithms for iDCT (inverse discrete cosine transformation) in the new version. All told, there are 7 different algorithms that support special processor command extensions.

For the AMD Athlon, there's the "AMD iDCT" routine (basically the optimized 3DNow), which, speed-wise, has quite a leg up on the standard "MMX iDCT" as far as MPEG-4 encoding goes.

Even the Intel Pentium III and the Pentium 4 benefit from specially adapted iDCT routines - the Pentium III works well with the "MMX-iDCT" code, while the Pentium 4 is considerably faster when used with the "Fast SSE2 iDCT" code. On the downside, "Reference iDCT SSE2" is weaker when it comes to increasing speed.

FlasK MPEG queries for the functions of additional CPU command extensions.