MPEG-4: FlasK MPEG/Divx's Improved Coding

Dual CPU Support: Not Yet Integrated

The FlasK MPEG interface had several important features added to it.

Despite the claim made in the information that the new version of FlasK MPEG is supposed to support several processors, we weren't able to back that up in the test.

In Windows 2000 (multi-processor kernel), utilized CPU capacity was 52 percent for each processor. If you ignore a slight overhead of 1 or 2 percent, utilized system capacity is precisely 50 percent for each processor.

If FlasK MPEG really provided multi-processor support, the utilized system capacity would be 100 percent for both processors. We compared this scenario with a single processor setup - and FlasK MPEG obtains the same frame rates when encoding in single mode as in dual mode!

We still hope that the FlasK MPEG programmer will still manage to integrate dual CPU support. This kind of support would make it possible to encode in real time.