MPEG-4: FlasK MPEG/Divx's Improved Coding

FlasK MPEG - Faster And Easier To Handle!, Continued

The new version really speeds up the process of copying a movie from DVD-ROM to CD-ROM, even though FlasK MPEG still only takes care of encoding to MPEG-4 files. If you want to transfer the video file to your hard drive, you still need an appropriate rip program, which will also remove the copy protection if need be.

In our many previous tests, we've explained MPEG-4s and copying a DVD to CD-ROM in detail. Detailed information on the impact of file size on encoding can be found in the article MPEG-4: Optimization of Picture Quality and Data Rate .

FlasK MPEG in Version 0.6. The additional profiles help beginners choose the correct video resolution.

Using the menu to adapt the picture more painlessly.