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Mtron SSD 32 GB: Performance with a Catch

Access Time

As already mentioned, access time is almost nonexistent with Flash SSDs.

Interface Bandwidth

The interface bandwidth tests usually returns the transfer performance off a hard drive's cache memory, which is higher than the throughput to or off the medium. Flash SSDs do not have cache memory, hence the interface bandwidth is similar to the maximum read throughput.

Read Transfer Rates

A constant 94.5 MB/s read transfer rate is a new record for a Flash SSD. This is more than the WD Raptor can do.

Write Transfer Rates

Writes are limited to 76.5 MB/s, which is still far more than most 3.5" hard drives provide, and it is slightly better than the write throughput of a WD Raptor. However, the minimum performance still is 73.8 MB, while a Raptor will only write 43.2 MB/s as you get close to the 150 GB capacity.