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Muscle-Flexing: 6 Dual CPU Boards

Up Close & Personal: The Features Of All Boards Tested

CPU VoltageSockel 370Sockel 370Sockel 370Sockel 370Sockel 370Sockel 370
Max Memory (MByte)4 GB2 GB1,5 GB1,5 GB2 GB2 GB
SDRAM Slots444344
Size (length x width)30,5 cm x 25,5 cm30,5 cm x 25,5 cm30,5 cm x 24,5 cm30,5 cm x 24,4 cm30,5 cm x 24,4 cm
AGP 4Xno11100
AGP 4X (Pro)1nonono11
ACR / AMR / CNRno/no/no1/no/nono/no/no1/no/nono/no/nono/no/no
external USB-Ports222222
external USB-connectors onboard2no2200
IDE-channels2 x ATA1002 x ATA 662 x ATA 662 x ATA1002 x ATA100 2 x Raid 1002x ATA 100
SCSI-Connectors (68pin/50pin)nonononono/noyes/yes
Fan Headers4 x 3Pin Standart2 x CPU, 1 x System2 x CPU, 2 x System2 x CPU, 2 x System2 x CPU, 1 x System2x CPU 3x System
Additional Onboard-Interfaces
AC97 SoundnoWinbond (W839710)noAvance Logic (ALC100P)nono
Audio-Connectors externalLine Out/In/Micnoyes/yes/yesno/no/noyes/yes/yesno/no/nono/no/no
Audio-Connectors internalNumbers of Line-Insno3no200
Wake on LAN (WOL)yesyesyesyesyesyes
Wake on Modem (WOM)yesyesyesyesyesyes
Intrusion Dectection Sensornonononoyesyes
Thermal Probe underneath CPUyesyesyesyesyesyes
additional UltraATA/100-InterfacesnoPromise ATA100noHigth Point 370Raid (AMI)no
Piezo Loudspeaker onboardyesyesyesyesyesyes
Ajustment Options
FSB Clock Adjustable viaBios, dipswitchesBiosdipswitchesBiosBiosBios
FSB-Range68 MHz - 166 MHz120 - 200 MHz66 - 152 MHz66 bis 160 MHz133 bin 150 MHz133 bin 150 MHz
1 MHz Steps For FSB Clock?nononononono
CPU-Core Voltage adjustable vianoBiosnononono
Range of CPU-Core Voltageno1,600 - 2,100 Vnononono
0.025 V steps possible for Vcore?nononononono
0,5x steps for multiplier possible?noyesyesyesyesyes
Multiplier Rangeno3.0x - 8.0x3.0x - 8.0x7.0x - 12.0x3.5x - 8.5x3.5x - 8.5x
BIOS und Revisions
BIOS VersionRev. 1007 Beta 002 (11.04.2001)W6321MS V3.3 (30.01.2001)6VXDC7 F6 (01.03.2001)D6VAA 1.0f (31.01.2001)V 1.70 (16.05.2001)V1.11 (27.12.2000)
Board Revision1.031.01.01/1Rev.: DRev.: D
PLL Chipsn/aICS 9279BF-01ICS 9250BF-18ICS 9250BF-18Winbond W83195R-08
SCSI Controllernononononoyes
SCSI Controller (Info)nononononoAdaptec 7892 Ultra3 SCSI
NICnononono10 / 100 MBit Intel 8255910 / 100 MBit Intel 82559
Board VariationsSDVIA / SDVIA - LSSDVIA / SDVIA - 100
PositiveReboots with standard settings after crash/freeze due to overclockingPromise-ControllerPGP-ClampHP370 - ControllerAMI-RAID
2x FireWire-ControllerISA-SlotStabilitySCSI - Controller
No ACR / AMR / CNR SlotsD-LEDD - LED ConnectorNo ACR / AMR / CNR SlotsOnBoard - LAN
NegativeCNR-SlotDual-Bios, second socket emptyCNR - SlotsVery Slow
Promise-Controller cannot be disabled
Included in Shipment
1 x USB-Adapter1 x Handbuch (Board)1 x CD (Driver)1 x CD (Driver)1 x CD (Driver)1 x CD (Driver)
1 x IDE-Kabel PIO 41 x Aufkleber (D-LED)1 x Manual (Board)1 x Manual (Board)1 x Manual (Board)1 x Manual (Board)
1 x IDE-Kabel ATA661 x Infoblatt (D-LED)1 x Floppy-Cable1 x Floppy-Cable1 x Floppy-Cable1 x SCSI Cable
1 x Floppy-Kabel1 x FireWire-Adapter1 x IDE-Cable ATA 66/1001 x IDE-Cable ATA 66/1001 x IDE-Cable ATA 66/1001 x SCSI Terminator
1 x CD (Treiber)1 x Floppy-Kabel1 x Info-Pages (HP370)2 x Driver-Disk (AMI-Raid)1 x Floppy-Cable
1 x Handbuch (Board)1 x IDE-Kabel ATA 661 x Manual (AMI-Raid)1 x IDE-Cable ATA 66/100
1 x IDE-Kabel ATA PIO 41 x Handbuch (AMI-Raid)1 x IDE-Cable ATA
1 x CD (Treiber)1 x Info Leaflet (Board)1 x Info Leaflet (Board)
1 x SCSI Cable Standard
1. FireWire-Anschlüsse1. Dual-BIOS
2. D-LED2. ISA-Slot
3. CNR-Slot