Nokia Lumia Icon & Lumia 930 Review: Windows Phone, Premium

Results: Web And Battery Tests

Our Web tests are JavaScript- and HTML5-heavy selections from our Web Browser Grand Prix series. Such tests are extremely meaningful to mobile devices because so much of the in-app content is served via the platform's native browser. These tests not only offer a view of each device’s Web browsing performance, but since the tasks are typically CPU-dependent, browser benchmarks (especially JavaScript-heavy tests) are a great way to measure SoC performance between products using the same platform and browser.

In order to keep the browser version even across all Android devices, we're employing a static version of the Chromium-based Opera on that operating system. Due to platform restrictions, Safari is best choice for iOS-based devices, while Internet Explorer is the only game in town on Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.

Browsermark 2.0

Rightware’s Browsermark 2.0 is a synthetic browsing benchmark that tests several performance metrics, including load time, CSS, DOM, HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, and WebGL.

The Lumia Icon fares poorly, as does the HTC 8x. It's no surprise that Windows Phone 8's Internet Explorer 10 browser is no speed demon, and we hope this weakness is addressed in the Windows Phone 8.1 update with Internet Explorer 11.

Peacekeeper 2.0

Peacekeeper is a synthetic Javascript performance benchmark from Futuremark.

The Icon and IE10 perform similarly in the Javascript test, behind the three-way second-place tie between the Nexus 5, Meizu MX3, and Xiaomi Mi3.

WebXPRT 2013

Principled Technologies' WebXPRT is an HTML5-based benchmark that simulates common productivity tasks traditionally handled by locally-installed applications, including: photo editing, financial charting, and offline note-taking.

Nokia's entry overtakes the Exynos 5 Octa-based Meizu MX3 and ties the Xiaomi Mi3 in WebXPRT 2013, performing quickly with the stocks dashboard and photo effects tests, but scoring less impressive face detection and offline notes results.

Basemark OS II: Battery

Basemark OS II comes with a demanding battery test that almost completely drains the phone from 100% power to calculate a final score that represents its power and longevity.

The Lumia Icon performs well in this discipline, taking third place behind the much smaller-screened iPhone 5s, and slightly ahead of our current favorite phone, Google's Nexus 5.

From a practical perspective, we are pleased with the Icon/930's battery life. Despite heavy use, its battery indicator remains high throughout the day. And although status bars are known liars, the only activity that seems to tax the device is heavy gaming.

  • Amdlova
    only problem on this phone is (verizon)... if you wanna spend 150us and a 1000 years contract. =) is right that numbers on benchies ? direct 3d working?
  • silverblue
    Sorry for the possible double post, but this comments section is bugged to hell, so...

    I'm surprised by the bloat. My 1020 (with Windows Phone 8.1) has 32GB, of which 29 is available, after O2's (slight) footprint.
  • vaughn2k
    I have a Lumia 925. I will wait for the Windows Phone 8.1 update, that it seems promising... So the question if I will switch from IOS/Android to WP, then I guess I did, the 925 seems also a great phone, and the 'Store' has already a quite considerable amount of programs (or Apps)....
  • aldaia
    Wait, a "flagship Windows phone" powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. Intel push into the smartphone market is certainly doomed.
  • tomfreak
    We just need Lumia 1020 sucessor = Lumia 1030 with snapdragon 800 to handle the 40MP picture. A 40MP Lumia 1030 with snapdragon 800 CPU + 2GB RAM + 32GB storage + SD card expansion + a 3000mah battery will be the killer phone that no one is able beat it. Photography takes a lot of battery drain, since thats how Lumia 1020 good at, I just hope Nokia/Microsoft put a much bigger battery inside for successor.
  • megamanxtreme
    All is well, I still got my Lumia 1520, and it still reigns the king. 920/930 with bigger screen, for the win.
  • Aoyagi
    Yeah, nice toys. About what the reviewer wanted, by the looks of it. But using these things as tools rather than toys for consuming media and maybe reading mail? No way.

    (I had been using Lumia 920 before I returned to 808 PureView. I still have it for testing purposes)

    13186987 said:
    I'm surprised by the bloat. My 1020 (with Windows Phone 8.1) has 32GB, of which 29 is available, after O2's (slight) footprint.

    Most of that is the OS itself.
  • satish12321
    Dude, how could you forget LIVE TILES. This single handedly put Lumia ahead of its competitors. Especially the new updates that will make it more informative.
    Android and iOs are like a graveyard of dead icons. If they font adapt, their fingerprint sensor, eye recognition and waterproofing wont be able to protect it.
  • Au_equus
    Don, the specs listed in the table (first page) do not match the description given in the article.
  • jasonelmore
    why the hell does Verizon think they must put their logo on the phone? my god i would never buy a phone that had carrier branding on the front or back of the phone. Plus Verizon's logo is Fugly