NVIDIA, SiS and VIA Bring on Chipsets for AMD Socket 939

SiS 755FX

The 755FX is a slightly improved version of the 755 designed to support the accelerated HyperTransport bus (1 GHz) in Athlon64 processors. Unlike NVIDIA and VIA, SiS does not offer a factory-installed gigabit Ethernet solution.

Their two-chip solution provides a high level of flexibility: SiS is set on finishing their Southbridge 965 in the coming weeks, which will offer four SATA ports instead of two, a gigabit Ethernet controller and two x1 PCI Express slots. The 755FX is designed to support the 756 chip, which is limited to PCI Express graphics - and this may not be first choice for some.

Our count currently shows twelve boards based on the 755FX, most of them aimed at the OEM market. Of interest: the Asus K8S-X, Elitegroup's 755-A2, Gigabyte's K8S755 as well as the 755-A01 and M01 from Foxconn.