NVIDIA, SiS and VIA Bring on Chipsets for AMD Socket 939

VIA K8T800 Pro

Technically, the K8T800 Pro is the same as the K8T800 except that it supports the socket 939 and the HyperTransport bus with 1 GHz required for faster Athlon processors.

Like SiS, VIA is also working on a redesigned Southbridge, the VT8251, which will provide all the features critical for next year. This includes four SATA ports with RAID support and Native Command Queuing as well as two x1 PCI Express ports. A gigabit Ethernet controller will still be available "only" as an add-on chip, but VIA will be offering the 8251, a new audio controller based on High Definition Audio. The new Southbridge will still be connected via the proprietary VIA V-Link (8X) interface. At 533 MB/s, the bandwidth will be just enough to support two PCI Express ports.