NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Battle Royal

Test Results - 3DMark 2000 High Detail

Interesting. The GeForce2 cards have almost a 25% performance advantage but I expected more than that especially in 16-bit color. Our leaders are still very on par with each other.

Switching things to 32-bit color in 3DMark 2000 helps the original GeForce card make up some ground as the memory is most likely beginning to hinder the GeForce2 leader that are tied up top.

Some of test scores were omitted from this section because the results were extremely repetitive as the GeForce2 boards were basically tied across the board while the original GeForce did fairly decent in most areas against its big brother. The results above should be sufficient data to show you that not one GeForce2 board has a magical hardware performance advantage over the others.

Each board performed its tests smoothly and without any crashes of any sorts. I felt that more rigorous stress testing would be needed to show who could rise above the rest so lets move onto our overclocking section.