OpenGL: ATi FireGL X2-256t and NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100

The Key Data At A Glance

The following table provides an overview of the card details.

Product Chip (Codename) Transis-tors Street Price Chip clock (3D) Memory clock (3D) Memory Type Mem bus width Mem bandwidth
ATi FireGL X2-256 FGL9800 (R350W) 107 mln $600 380 MHz 350 MHz DDR-II 256Bit 22.4 GB/sec
ATi FireGL X2-256t FGL9800 (R350W) 107 mln $740 412 MHz 365 MHz DDR-II 256Bit 23.4 GB/s
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000 NV30GL 125 mln $785 300 MHz 300 MHz DDR-II 128Bit 9.6 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 NV36GL 82 mln $630 425 MHz 313 MHz DDR-II 128Bit 10.0 GB/s
The memory clock rate details with the correct physical clock rate. Note: Memory runs at a double data rate (DDR). Marketing departments often make the mistake of quoting the double physical rate when DDR memory is used.

HP Workstation Xw4100: Concept Design Has Its Price

This time, we decided not to conduct the performance tests on a platform we had put together ourselves, but to use a commercially available PC instead. In doing so, we are catering to the request of many of our readers to show for once what you might expect when buying a complete workstation.

We received the HP Workstation xw4100 that, compared to building your system, offered the key advantage of available after-sale services. If you build your own PC, you are often left on your own to sort out any problems, which is not the ideal scenario for business customers.

USB, 1394/FireWire, headphones and microphone ports are easily accessible on the front of the case.

At press time, prices for the workstation featuring the Quadro FX 1100 card were not yet available. For this reason, we list the price of the system that has an FX 2000. We expect the FX 1100 model to be around $300 cheaper.

HP Workstation xw4100 - graphic design solution $3,880.00
Product HP Workstation xw4100 - graphic designer
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP1)
Ideazon Keyboard Black Zboard base and MS Windows and Internet Explorer keyset and Zboard keyset for Adobe Photoshop
processor Intel Pentium 4 processor 3.20 GHz/800
Memory 1 GB DDR/400 ECC (2x512)
Video/graphics nVIDIA Quadro FX 2000
1st hard drive 80 GB Serial ATA/7200 hard drive
Floppy disk drive 1.44 MB Floppy disk drive
Removable storage 48X DVD/CDRW combo drive
Sound card Integrated AC97 audio
Network card Broadcom Gbit 10/100/1000
Mouse HP Scroll mouse (PS/2)
Keyboard HP Easy access keyboard (PS/2)
Application software Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition
Accessories North America hardware kit
Additional accessories IEE 1394/Firewire PCI card (installed)
Warranty Warranty - 3 year next business day onsite
Graphics software Adobe Photoshop CS
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