OpenGL: ATi FireGL X2-256t and NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100

3D Studio Max 4.2.6 (Application)

The following benchmarks are based on 'real world' applications, which are frequently used within the workstation segment. Anyone scoring here, wins the hearts of the buyers. In order to run these tests, it is necessary to have a fully licensed version of the respective program. Only then will you be able to execute the benchmark model or script.

The 3dsm benchmark measures other variables in addition to graphics performance. For instance, this benchmark also tests the extent to which the graphics card and/or driver loads the CPU. Ultimately, this depends on the right load distribution between the graphics and CPU. This charts clearly show that although NVIDIA achieves a better graphics performance, ATi can also make up for its deficit by placing a lower load on the CPU.

Uwe Scheffel