The Optoma EP729 Road Warrior Projector


There is a flood of available video projectors for professional applications, most of which don't offer much in the way of innovation. Some may be brighter than others, but the differences between the brands are not always that significant.

We chose to test the Optoma EP729, which on paper at least, seemed to offer what a road warrior might seek in a projector when giving PowerPoint presentations.

Small But Strong

The thing that strikes you straight away on your first encounter with the EP729 is its size and its weight: frankly it looks like a kid's toy! It's simply one of the smallest and lightest GA video projectors in the world. At half the size of a piece of A4-sized paper and weighing only a couple of pounds, you can take this projector everywhere with you with the greatest of ease.

In order to build this product, Optoma called on Texas Instruments and its famous 0.7 inch DLP chip. The features of this device are very impressive with a claimed contrast rate of 2,200:1 and an ANSI luminosity of 1,600 lumens. Building on these figures, Optoma has claimed a maximum projected image size of 20.5 ft. (6.25 meters) diagonal in a 4/3 format. Video compatibility is extensive with, in order of appearance: NTSC(525/480/i/p), PAL(625/576/i/p), SECAM and HDTV(720P, 1080P). On the IT side, the native resolution of the chip provides a Windows desktop display of 1,024 x 768. You can up this to a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 but then the image will be compressed and, therefore, not really of the best quality. But the strong point of this model is its weight. It tips the scales at just two pounds which, we have to tell you, is a real plus point. Once you've popped it into its little carrying case, together with its remote control laser pointer and its connecting cables, you wind up with something a little bigger than a ladies purse and weighing no more than about three pounds. If you're also the lucky owner of one of those featherweight notebook PCs, you'll be well equipped to do the rounds of your clients with a light heart and, equally importantly, a light briefcase!