Overclockers, Big Contest Coming Soon!

EDITED ON JUne 24, 2008: You’ve read about our adventures in overclocking. Now it’s your turn.

On September 16th, in Los Angeles, the editors of Tom’s Hardware USA will gather together with top overclocking enthusiasts from around the USA to see who can get the most speed out of a set of computing components without frying too many of them.

overclocking contest

Yes, liquid nitrogen cooling is not only allowed, it’s encouraged in our overclocking contest.

There will be prizes and some unique and most interesting opportunities for contest participants. Tom’s Hardware USA will pay for the selected participants to travel to and from Los Angeles and will pay for lodging at a nice hotel during the competition.

Our editors will also chauffer participants to and from the site of the contest. And, of course, we’ll provide food and a selection of energy- and non-energy-inducing drinks.

If you’ve already nominated others or yourself for the contest, you can ignore this paragraph. We are still looking for super-overclockers and we invite your nominations. You can nominate yourself, another person or even a team of overclockers. I’ll tell you how to do that in a bit.

Here are a few details:

  • We are looking for hardcore, extreme overclockers who can prove their experience
  • We want the best of the best
  • All cooling means are allowed
  • All key component types will be involved
  • We will provide the latest hardware, including processors, chipsets and graphics
  • Participants will have the opportunity to battle it out in a contest covered extensively by Tom’s Hardware USA

To nominate yourself, another person or a team to participate in the Tom’s Hardware Overclocking Contest, send email to me. Nominations are due by May 21st 2008.

Include the following information about your nominee(s) in your email. If you’re nominating others, provide as much of this information as you can. Brief responses are preferred.

  1. First and Last Name(s) of Nominee(s)
  2. Email Address(es) of Nominee(s)
  3. Website of Nominee(s)
  4. Handle(s) of Nominee(s)
  5. Age(s) of Nominee(s) - (Must Be Over 18)
  6. Overclocking Experience with Examples of Specific Overclocking Results on Specific Hardware and Any Other Proof of Overclocking Prowess
  7. Interesting Facts about Your Nominee(s)
  8. Why You Think Your Nominee(s) Should Participate in the Contest
  9. Components List for Your Nominee(s) Computer(s)
  10. Components List for Your Own Computer(s), If You’re Not a Nominee

Thanks for your time and participation. Watch these pages for more on our overclocking contest.

  • stabgotham
    Look no further then the guys over at XtremeSystems.com. These are the guys who took the P4 past 8.0GHz and recently broke a Skulltrail system at 6.0GHz. Those guys are incredible.
  • TSIMonster
    There are many at XCPUS.com that can do some massive overclocks.
  • gwolfman
    Hey, what about a mini-contest for a few lucky (regular users) spectators to win a trip as well to be part of the fun! I'd love to go and observe, though I know my o/c skills aren't the cream of the crop.
  • remcokatz
    Discrimination :(

    Now overclock team holland (www.coolclocks.nl) can't join because it's USA only! Any chance this could be changed?
  • randomizer
    If I had the money to upgrade all the time, I'd try some ridiculous voltages on air. My E6600 deserves 1.9V+ for it's loyal lack of service. I'd like to try some dice or LN2, but I'd probably kill myself or someone else.

    @TSIMonster: Thou hast mentioned the forbidden name! :kaola:
  • randomizer
    Oh I didn't notice the USA only part. Why does every competition on the internet only ever involve the USA? OC competition at my place, I'll fire up the BBQ too!
  • truehighroller
    I was in the Gigabyte Over Clocking contest and was in second place on Air until the last hour and people jumped in with LN2 and knocked me down to 7th. I had my Q6600 @ 4.17Ghz on air.
  • randomizer
    What were you running, 1.8V? :lol:
  • pschmid
    I encourage you to send your application to the email linked in the article. Although we haven't validated other contest opportunities, we will be happy to consider applications in other countries with BestofMedia representation.

    Thank you,

    Patrick Schmid
    Director of Content Operations

    BESTOFMEDIA Publishing Group
    www.bestofmedia.com, www.tomshardware.com
  • amdfangirl
    Hey seriously, why don't we have underclocking contests? ;)