The Hardware Behind Overdrive

Logitech G11 and G5 Keyboards and Mice

Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech is one of the most popular providers of input devices. The firm wanted to be part of our Overdrive Overclocking Championship as well, and provided G11 Gaming Keyboards for our contest. The G11 is an gaming-class keyboard that comes with a blue character backlight to facilitate keyboard control in dark environments. You can set three different brightness levels, and it offers additional media control keys to manage audio and video features.

Gamers will probably love the additional so-called “G keys:” Logitech added 18 programmable keys on the left side of the keyboard. Custom macros can be assigned to each of the keys, and you can assign up to three different functions per key. Logitech says that this can be done on the fly, even when you’re in the middle of a game.

The keyboard clearly benefits from Logitech’s many years of experience, as it has a smooth and nice design, and cord channels on the bottom to route cables. One of the few downsides of the product is its dimensions, as it is considerably wider and deeper than a regular keyboard that lacks the additional features.

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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

Finally, we also need a mouse to operate the overclocking systems, and since Logitech is an ideal partner, the firm also provided G5 Laser Mice for our events. This isn’t the company’s top product, but it is one of the most precise and customizable wired mice you can get. It is only suitable for the right hand despite various customization options, though—if you need a mouse that works with the left hand, you should look for one of the V series models.

The G5 Laser Mouse offers very high precision, and allows setting the sensitivity to 2,000, 800 or 400 dpi without any drivers. Logitech says that its image processor manages up to 6.4 megapixels per second. We also liked the weight cartridge: since different people like to have a lighter or heavier mouse, it is possible to customize the mouse weight by adding up to 36 g of weight into the weight cartridge.

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