The Hardware Behind Overdrive

Power Supply: Fortron Everest 1010

While it is very important to select a power supply that actually matches your power requirements—or even exceeds them a bit—overclocking is all about maximum performance. When overclocked and overvoltaged, processors, graphics chips, and memory all face increased resistance and increased power consumption, which has to be provided reliably. An overclocking record that fails due to insufficient power would really be a disappointment.

FSP Everest 1010

Fortron is not yet as popular as many other power supply brands, but it is a real power supply manufacturer—most of the brands you may think of as supply makers don’t actually manufacture the units themselves, rather acting as vendors. Premium PSU companies have their own designers and build-to-order their units with one of the big manufacturing companies, but only some—like Fortron—control the entire product design and manufacturing process. The Overdrive sponsorship by Fortron includes Everest 1010 modular power supplies, which provide a nominal power output of up to 1,000 W (1,010 W, to be exact).

The product is compliant with the ATX12V 2.2 and EPS 12V 2.91 standards, is CrossFire and SLI ready, and comes with an active PFC to reach its maximum energy efficiency of 85%. A 120 mm fan takes care of ventilation for the four channel 12 V rails. The Everest 1010’s modular layout allows users to attach two floppy connectors, six SATA power cables, six Molex connectors, two PCI Express graphics auxiliary power plugs, plus the main 20+4 pin power connectors.

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