Paying The Price For High-End Fan Control


Our conclusion is unequivocal: The Fan-O-Matic Pro from Innovatek is one of the mightiest fan controllers on the market. Its impressive array of options is more reminiscent of a PLC (programmable logic controller) than a simple fan controller. The number of possible ways to link the controls and timers with different LEDs is incredible. We particularly liked the fact that absolutely no software is required to operate the unit and that the Fan-O-Matic can work completely autonomously. To be sure, with a bit of tinkering it can also be used for totally different controlling tasks.

On the flip side, the software is a real downer. Above all, the operation is not what you could call intuitive, and many users who are not so well versed will encounter their first hurdle when they realize there's no setup wizard. Another area in desperate need of improvement is the firmware update program - at the very least the software should be tweaked to include an autosearch function for the controller upon launching the software for the first time. The system stability needs fixing, too: The "FanControl.exe" file crashed sporadically on several occasions during our test. The fan controller itself, on the other hand, ran without a hitch for the duration.

Another downside is that the fan controller's USB port is converted internally to an antiquated COM interface - making it impossible to exploit the advantages of USB.

Users and fans of Innovatek will not be surprised that the manufacturer once again eschews a discount price. But the price tag is way out of proportion and too high by any stretch.

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