Performance Leap: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra

The GeForce Compared To The Rest Of Its Class

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Header Cell - Column 0 ATI Radeon 9800 XTNVIDIA GeForceFX 5950 UltraNVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra
Chip Technology256-bit256-bit256-bit
Process0.15 Micron0.13 Micron0.13 Micron
Transistors~107 Million (?)130 Million222 Million
Memory Bus256-bit GDDR256-bit GDDR256-bit GDDR3
Memory Bandwidth23.4 GB/s30.4 GB/s35.2 GB/s
Pixel Fillrate3.04 Gigapixel/s- Texelrate (Color+Z): 1900 texel/s- Z-rate (Z): 3800/s- Stencilrate: 3800/s- Texturerate: 3800/sunknown
Max FSAA Mode6x4x / 4xMS+2xSS4x / 4xMS+2xSS
Triangle Transform Rate412 M Triangles/s356 M Triangles/s600 M Triangles/s
AGP Bus2x/4x/8x2x/4x/8x2x/4x/8x
Memory256 MB128/256 MB128/256/512 MB
GPU Clock412 MHz475 MHz400 MHz
Memory Clock365 MHz (730 DDR)475 MHz (950 DDR)550 MHz (1100 DDR)
Memory(on reference board)Hynix BGA specified for 400 MHzRow 13 - Cell 2 Samsung 600 MHz GDDR
Vertex Shader4FP Array6 Units
Pixel Pipelines8x14x2 / 8x016x1 / 32x0
Texture Units Per Pipe121
Textures per Texture Unit816unknown
Vertex S. Version22.03.0
Pixel S. Version22.03.0
DirectX Generation9.09.09.0c
FSAA ModiMultiSamplingMultiSamplingSuperSampling Mixed ModeMultiSamplingSuperSampling Mixed Mode
Memory OptmizationsHyper Z III+LMA II OptimizedColor CompressionLMA III OptimizedColor Compression
OptmizationsSmartShader 2.1SmoothVision 2.1IntelliSample HCTIntelliSample 3.0
Display Outputs222
Chip Internal Ramdacs2 x 400 MHz2 x 400 MHz2 x 400 MHz
Chip External Ramdacs---
Bits per Color Channel101010
SpecialTV Encoder On-Chip; FullStreamAdaptive FilteringF-BufferTV Encoder On-Chip; Extended ProgammabilityAdaptive FilteringUltraShadowVideo Processor and TV Encoder On-Chip; Extended ProgammabilityAdaptive Filtering, True Trilinear Filtering,UltraShadow
Launch price$499 (old launch price)$499 (old launch price)$499
Street price~ $365~ $379-