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Performance Leap: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra

The GeForce Compared To The Rest Of Its Class

ATI Radeon 9800 XTNVIDIA GeForceFX 5950 UltraNVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra
Chip Technology256-bit256-bit256-bit
Process0.15 Micron0.13 Micron0.13 Micron
Transistors~107 Million (?)130 Million222 Million
Memory Bus256-bit GDDR256-bit GDDR256-bit GDDR3
Memory Bandwidth23.4 GB/s30.4 GB/s35.2 GB/s
Pixel Fillrate3.04 Gigapixel/s- Texelrate (Color+Z): 1900 texel/s- Z-rate (Z): 3800/s- Stencilrate: 3800/s- Texturerate: 3800/sunknown
Max FSAA Mode6x4x / 4xMS+2xSS4x / 4xMS+2xSS
Triangle Transform Rate412 M Triangles/s356 M Triangles/s600 M Triangles/s
AGP Bus2x/4x/8x2x/4x/8x2x/4x/8x
Memory256 MB128/256 MB128/256/512 MB
GPU Clock412 MHz475 MHz400 MHz
Memory Clock365 MHz (730 DDR)475 MHz (950 DDR)550 MHz (1100 DDR)
Memory(on reference board)Hynix BGA specified for 400 MHzSamsung 600 MHz GDDR
Vertex Shader4FP Array6 Units
Pixel Pipelines8x14x2 / 8x016x1 / 32x0
Texture Units Per Pipe121
Textures per Texture Unit816unknown
Vertex S. Version22.03.0
Pixel S. Version22.03.0
DirectX Generation9.09.09.0c
FSAA ModiMultiSamplingMultiSamplingSuperSampling Mixed ModeMultiSamplingSuperSampling Mixed Mode
Memory OptmizationsHyper Z III+LMA II OptimizedColor CompressionLMA III OptimizedColor Compression
OptmizationsSmartShader 2.1SmoothVision 2.1IntelliSample HCTIntelliSample 3.0
Display Outputs222
Chip Internal Ramdacs2 x 400 MHz2 x 400 MHz2 x 400 MHz
Chip External Ramdacs---
Bits per Color Channel101010
SpecialTV Encoder On-Chip; FullStreamAdaptive FilteringF-BufferTV Encoder On-Chip; Extended ProgammabilityAdaptive FilteringUltraShadowVideo Processor and TV Encoder On-Chip; Extended ProgammabilityAdaptive Filtering, True Trilinear Filtering,UltraShadow
Launch price$499 (old launch price)$499 (old launch price)$499
Street price~ $365~ $379-