Performance Showdown at 133 MHz FSB - The best Platform for Coppermine

Benchmark Results - 3D Games - Expendable

Expendable repeats the above results once more. All in all VIA's Apollo Pro 133A in the P3V4X-motherboard from Asus is an extremely attractive alternative to i820, even for 3D-gamers.

Benchmark Results - Professional 3D - SPECviewperf 6.1.1

The order of precedence hasn't changed a bit, but i820 w/RDRAM is further ahead of Apollo Pro 133A than in the 3D-games. Professional graphics applications do make a difference between the 1.6 GB/s memory bandwidth of i820 w/RDRAM and the 1 GB/s of Apollo Pro 133A. However, if you want to find the very fastest Coppermine-platform for professional workstation software, you might want to go for Intel's i840 chipset, which offers a memory bandwidth of no less than 3.2 GB/s.