Performance Showdown at 133 MHz FSB - The best Platform for Coppermine

Benchmark Results - Office Applications - Sysmark2000

Finally VIA's Apollo Pro 133A with PC133 SDRAM has reached the office performance of Intel's 820 with PC800 RDRAM. This is rather impressive and shows what good of an alternative the VIA chipset really is. Intel 820 plus SDRAM lags behind with a rather serious distance. The results plus the price point clearly favor the Apollo Pro 133A chipset, which is as fast as i820 w/RDRAM, but vastly cheaper.

Benchmark Results - 3D Games - Quake 3 Arena

Intel's 820 w/RDRAM is the leader of the pack, but VIA's Apollo Pro 133A is close behind it. i820 w/SDRAM is far behind the two and shows once more that 820 plus SDRAM is no real alternative.