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Photo Printer: Canon i950

Four-Color Printers

Actual size original photoOriginal photo enlarged 3X

We printed the same 10 x 15 cm photo on the current, main four-color printers, and again compared them with the i950.

Canon i950Canon i850

And yes, the i950 is better than the i850 ... a bit. There are more shades on the left than the right and the vignetting is finer, though the difference is hard to spot with the naked eye. You might even prefer the i850 prints, which, with their greater contrast, can be more pleasing than the i950 ones.

The rest of the tale needs no comment. Compare the i850 to its other rivals and you will see why we say it is a whole generation ahead.

Canon i550Epson Stylus C82
Lexmark X5150HP deskjet 5550

Like when it is used with the photo cartridge, the HP printer overdoes the contrast. This is quite unlike the new Lexmark multifunction (same cartridges and resolution as the Z65), where the prints lack vividness and are a bit on the yellow side.

A final little comparison for the fun of it: S900 vs. i850

Canon s900Canon i850

In case you still doubted it, the i850 holds its own very well against the quality of the Canon six-color printers of the N - 1 generation. And it wins hands-down when you remember how incredibly fast it prints and its unbeatable cost per page.