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Photo Printer: Canon i950

Monochrome Photo Prints

We only began this new test a short while ago and quite a few of the printers had already been returned. So we'll have to make do with the i950, S900, i850 and Epson Stylus Photo 820/ 830. We had no HP printer on hand.

Actual size original photoOriginal photo enlarged 3X
Canon i950Canon S900
Canon i850Epson Stylus Photo 820/ 830

Epson wins this time, in spite of the graininess. The Stylus Photo 820/ 830 is the only one that can really print in black and white. Canon's default settings result in something more like blue and white, especially on the i950. The S900 and i850 do a bit better in this respect. However, the blueness is really only obvious when compared with other monochrome prints, otherwise you don't notice it too much.