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Photo Printer: Canon i950

Office Quality, Continued

HP Photosmart 7350HP Photosmart 7350

The HP photo cartridge is not too good for text. The "black" ink is deposited with less precision, bold characters are not so legible, and all of the colors lose in brightness.

HP Deskjet 5550HP Deskjet 5550

HP printers with a black and a color cartridge give results halfway between those of the i850 and the i950. The black is very deep and the colors bright. But black text on the i850 is better drawn and the blocks of color on the i950 are more even and truer to the original.

And for the record, we printed out the same file on an office laser color printer, the Brother HL-3450CN.

Brother HL-3450CNBrother HL-3450CN

Black characters come out even better than on the i850, but the colors are too dark.