Pinnacle Showcenter 200 Brings HD To The Living Room

An Essential Development

Pinnacle was the first manufacturer to offer a device which allowed multimedia broadcasting from the PC to the living-room. A revolutionary product, Showcenter symbolized the true nature of convergence; the linking together of the living-room, bedroom or study. Increased accessibility of IT, audio, video and photo file formats means that we're no longer confined to sitting in front of the PC.

Nowadays, numerous manufacturers offer multimedia platforms. Even the big household names, such as Philips, have appreciated the market's interest in this type of product. Pinnacle benefits from their market lead, in order to offer a product which is more compact but, above all, ready for High Definition: a standard which more and more broadcasters are adopting.

HD resolution LCD televisions are arriving in their droves, and with Showcenter 200, you can not only send HD videos from you PC but you can also display your photos in HD. And that's the big difference.