Pocket Rocket Claims The Gadget Crown

Pocket Rocket Challenges Hard Drive Storage, Continued

In addition, the Pocket Rocket has a little add-on called the "Rocket Dock". While it looks like a battery charger or docking station for a smart phone, it is just a simple USB extension module. It allows the Pocket Rocket to be attached to your system without requiring you to crawl on all fours to find a USB port. You can of course attach any other USB device to the Rocket Dock as well, provided that it fits mechanically. For example, we tried Lexar Media's JumpDrive.

We found the performance numbers Memina provided on the Pocket Rocket to be absolutely accurate, coming in at around 18 MB/s reading and 15 MB/s writing. That is a great deal of bandwidth today, and makes it possible to copy the contents of a full Pocket Rocket to your computer in under a minute. The only requirement the Pocket Rocket has is a USB 2.0 interface. You can also operate the stick using a 12 MBit/s USB 1.1 connection, but transfer speed will be limited to around 900 kB/s. This means copying data from or to the 1 GB version will take up to 20 minutes.

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