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Pocket Rocket Claims The Gadget Crown

Pocket Rocket Challenges Hard Drive Storage

If you are looking for a portable memory device, a USB flash memory stick is often a good choice. Yet picking the right one can be difficult, since online shops tend to offer dozens of possible choices. At first glance, most seem pretty much the same, but they really do have important differences. After choosing your desired capacity you should take a close look at performance, since there are some sticks out there that easily leave their competition in the dust.

Recently we were contacted by a representative of the New York company Memina, which is part of the Korean semiconductor packaging firm Hana Micron. They, in turn, work close together with Samsung.

What they are offering sounds attractive indeed. The Pocket Rocket is available in capacities of 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB and is based on SLC (Single Layer Cell) Flash memory. In contrast to conventional MLC devices, the SLCs are more expensive, but clearly faster: 18 MB/s or 180X Flash speed is what Memina claims on the company website. Can they really deliver on these promises? We put the Pocket Rocket to the test to find out.

The Pocket Rocket's USB connector is protected by a cap that can be turned out of the way, but still remains attached. That is the most favorable solution, since simple detachable caps get lost sooner or later. Memina also provides a little key fob that allows you to carry the Pocket Rocket with you wherever you go.