Radix Protector: Windows Restore in 30 Seconds

Software And Installation

Installing the Radix Protector is a piece of cake, and requires no previous experience with Windows or computer hardware. The included CD contains all the drivers for the USB stick, and the software installation wizard opens automatically when you insert the disc. All the user has to do is enter a few bits of information about the system.

You will be prompted to input the locations of the "My Documents" folder and the data directory in Outlook or Outlook Express. None of the files in these sub-directories will be reset should you later have to do a system recovery. Otherwise, restoring the system could lead to disastrous mistakes like replacing a finished master's thesis with an earlier unfinished version.

Only files located outside of the directories you set - in particular the \Windows\ and \Programs\ folders - will be restored in the event of a system recovery. A separate partition is created for the individual restore points, which can eat up 500 to 1000 MB of hard disk space. The Radix partition is created automatically; all the user can determine is its size. Once the hard disk has been defragmented, a boot loader is installed that puts the Radix partition before the actual operating system. From then on the computer is booted via the loader.

The required drivers are all on an 8 mm CD

The "My Documents" directory and Outlook directory must be entered during installation

Separate password protection for users and managers

Siggy Moersch