Radix Protector: Windows Restore in 30 Seconds


This USB stick is not just for notebooks

This little USB stick from Radix restores the operating system so that it's good to go again within just a few seconds. As a bonus, the USB Protector also guards your computer or laptop against unauthorized access, since the device won't boot at all without the USB hardware. The MLP version lets you create and choose from up to 32 individual system statuses. One snapshot lets the computer be restored to any previously saved and working condition within just 30 seconds. But not all directories are mercilessly overwritten. The USB Protector doesn't affect the "My Documents" directory and email directories.

In addition to the USB variety, Radix also offers several internal PCI cards for desktops, which of course are installed once and remain in the machine. The MLP version is identical to the USB stick in functionality, but provides more snapshots compared to the single one provided by the SLP. The LEP Protector only enables you to restore to a single master restore point, created when Radix is installed.

These Radix Protectors are not designed only for use in learning institutions or Internet cafés. Radix hardware is likewise a good recovery solution for private users who like to install trial versions of software, shareware programs or service packs. Even entries in Windows INI and registry files are restored. The Radix USB Protector really puts the fun back into experimenting with new drivers or programs - you need no longer fear ruining your Windows install. Even viruses have no chance to spread, as all files are restored to their original state. Deleted files and formatted hard drives can be completely recovered as well with the MLP Protectors.

Siggy Moersch