Radix Protector: Windows Restore in 30 Seconds

Working With The USB Protector

After the first restart, the new boot routine installed by the Radix software kicks in. If the USB Protector is not connected to the PC, Windows and the Radix partition will not boot. Only when the USB stick is inserted will you see a new display that bears a certain similarity to Windows. Using the program is easy, and it can be controlled with either the mouse or keyboard. Individual snapshots can be created, administered or deleted under the various menu options.

Should Windows conk out again when you least expect it, the operating system can be restored within seconds. Only files that have been changed are restored, but without writing over your personal files. Any cookies or temporary files saved in a previous session and any programs that have been installed are thus erased from the hard drive quickly, leaving no traces or program fragments behind. You can also set a restore point to return to a cleanly installed version of Windows and start anew. Automatic recovery is possible for use in schools or Internet cafes.

DOS user interface in Windows style

The menus offer loads of configuration options

Siggy Moersch