Radix Protector: Windows Restore in 30 Seconds

Back To The Past In Just 30 Seconds

Forget about system failures and blue screens!

Anyone who's ever worked with a Windows operating system has encountered it before: the dreaded "blue screen of death". Such an error message is never a good omen. It always strikes when you least expect it, and it shows no mercy. The cause of a blue screen might be a newly installed driver or program. But whatever the reason, after you get one of these, Windows is never quite the same - more frequent system failures and error messages common.

With the Radix Protector, serious driver errors and software snafus are now things of the past. It takes no more than 30 seconds to restore the system - either to its pristine initial installation settings or to any other previously preset restore point. Simply select a restore point in the Radix menu and - voilà! - the system is as good as new. The Radix Protector can even reconstruct lost or corrupted files or accidentally deleted partitions. Any new text or email files you've created won't be overwritten, either, provided you've saved them in a special directory. The same goes for Outlook and Outlook Express files.

The Radix Protector is available in a portable USB version, as well as a PCI card for use in desktop units.

Portable protection: the computer won't boot without the stick

Also available as an internal PCI card

Siggy Moersch