Razer OSVR Hacker Developer Kit 1.4 Review

Health, Safety & Maintenance

Health & Safety Warnings

OSVR packs its user guide with warnings that are similar to what Oculus says about the Rift. In short, the HMD shouldn’t be used by anyone with a history of epileptic seizure or blackouts. You should also avoid it if you habitually suffer from severe dizziness or motion sickness while watching TV or playing certain games. Consult your doctor before using the hardware if you are pregnant or elderly, and especially if you suffer from a heart condition.

OSVR takes the same approach to kids as Oculus, too. Children under the age of 13 shouldn’t use the OSVR HMD because it can purportedly affect their development. And no matter your age, you should be regulating your usage and taking regular breaks. It's just especially important for the young ones.

The OSVR HMD doesn’t offer any form of Chaperone system like HTC's Vive, even when it's operating through SteamVR. OSVR recommends seated experiences only.


OSVR doesn’t say much about maintenance. Use the included air puffer and brush to clean dust off of the lenses. However, you aren't given any guidance for cleaning the lenses if they get smudged with grease from your face. The instructions simply suggest that you “keep your face clean and dry when wearing the HMD.” That’s a lot easier said than done.

The lack of a microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses is shortsighted. Yes, keeping your face clean is always good advice, but the lenses will inevitably get dirty, especially if you adjust them too close in the first place. Without a bundled cloth, many people will likely turn to more abrasive materials like paper towels, possibly leading to scratched optics.

Replacement Parts

The OSVR HDK can be upgraded. You will eventually be able to swap in higher-resolution displays, better optics, and faceplates with other functions. The foam gasket is also removable, so you should be able to purchase replacements when the original starts to deteriorate. Parts aren’t available yet, but we've heard this feature touted over and over. The OSVR HDK 1.4 also gives you the option to swap in experimental hardware if you like to tinker.

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