Ready for CeBIT: Fujitsu, Maxtor and Quantum's latest High-Performance IDE Drives

Quantum Fireball Plus AS

Once again Quantum sent us one of their drives for evaluation. First of all I'd like to give my kudos to Quantum for the quick access time. Even though the average seek time provided by the manufacturers is always below 10 ms, hardly any drive is able to break the barrier of 10 ms for a complete average access. At 10.3 ms, in terms of access time the Fireball Plus AS is the fastest IDE drive that ever arrived at our lab. This drive also the finished first in the Business Disk WinMark, making it perfectly suitable for Windows standard applications. This lucky series continues with the High-End Disk WinMark: Again Quantum scores most points. The pure data transfer numbers are almost as good as IBM's half year old DeskStar 75 GXP, but not able to beat the two other competitors in this test.

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Quantum Fireball Plus AS
Capacity10, 20, 30, 40, 60 GB
Rotation Speed7,200 rpm
Average Seek Time8.5 ms
Cache Memory2048 kB
Warranty3 Years

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