Remote Control From SoundGraph Changes WinXP Into A Multimedia Center

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This is what it (still) looks like at my place

I'd been searching for ages to find something like this, when the iMON solution arrived. I've had my hands on quite a few remote controls in my time, but until now none of them had all the essential functions for either hardware or software. A lot of systems were only designed for special TV cards and didn't allow any other Windows functionality. SoundGraph has put together a convincing package: the complete solution is compatible with any computer, is intuitive to operate, and features every function that a home multimedia PC needs.

The only disadvantage? Now there's another remote control on my coffee table. I can live with it, of course, but my wife is a bit bothered by the clutter...

Upgrading Your PC To A Multimedia Center

SoundGraph's iMON Series: Remote Control for Every PC

A lot of computer components promise truly amazing "multimedia" performance, yet in practice, they rarely deliver. A wireless mouse and keyboard just isn't enough: what you need for a true multimedia solution is a remote control unit. A remote makes things a whole lot easier; after all, who wants to fool around with a mouse and keyboard to play an audio track or watch a DVD movie?

The solutions from SoundGraph let you control any PC or notebook with an IR remote, as long as you have a free USB port for the infrared receiver. All standard video, audio and image data can be listed and managed, and played with the included multi-media software.

Siggy Moersch