SATA Hard Drive with a Kick: Western Digital's Raptor Put to the Test

SCSI Representative: Maxtor Atlas 10K.4, Up Close And Personal

We didn't want to compare the Raptor with just any old SCSI model, but were aiming to set the measuring rod as high as possible from the outset. For this reason, we opted to use the Atlas 10K.4, even if we had to omit an individual test of this drive at this stage. Despite the fact that we received the top-of-the-range model with 147 GB, the performance is the same as that of the two sister models with 36 and 73 GB, respectively.

Even from the type designation it is possible to discern that the Maxtor hard drive is a fourth-generation model. This drive family originates from former rival Quantum, who got swallowed up by Maxtor in 2001.

The view of the underside of the Atlas 10K.4 is almost like looking at the surface of the Death Star from Star Wars. Particularly when compared with IDE hard drives, the boards of SCSI drives are mostly equipped with far more components. Seen in the foreground are the pins for setting microjumpers.