SATA Hard Drive with a Kick: Western Digital's Raptor Put to the Test

Technical Data: Western Digital Raptor

Clearly recognizable are the cooling fins on the side of the drive. These are featured in all high-speed SCSI models, where they permit increased heat dissipation due to the enlarged surface area.

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ModelWD360Maxtor Atlas 10K.4
Capacity36.7 GB36.7 GB73.4 GB146.8 GB
Rotation speed10,000 U/Min10,000 U/Min
Seek time5.2 ms4.3 ms
InterfaceSerial ATAUltra320 SCSI
Cache memory8 MB8 MB
Error rate< 1 bei 1015 Bit< 1 bei 1015 Bit
Start-Stop cycles> 20,000?
Warranty5 years5 years

Unmistakably Western Digital: experts will recognize the sticker with the company logo and type designation using the known nomenclature.