SATA Hard Drive with a Kick: Western Digital's Raptor Put to the Test

WD360: The Connections

Does it really still have jumpers? Don't worry - these are just a relict from the days of UltraATA/100.

It's pleasing to see both connectors on the right-hand side. On the far right, you'll find the connector for the power supply based on the new standard, and to the left of this, the actual Serial ATA connector for the data cable. We have yet to find a power supply unit that comes already equipped with the necessary cables.

Hullo! What do we have here then? Upon tilting the drive around its transverse axis, our attention is drawn to the only chip located on the underside of the board. This is a Serial ATA Bridge from Marvel, which is currently used in many places in order to make products compatible with the UltraATA interface for Serial ATA.

We thus know one thing for sure, namely that the WD360 is not a new Serial ATA development, but a product that was originally developed on the basis of an UltraATA interface. And that also means that WD could follow up with a WD360 and UltraATA/100 interface at any time.