SCSI Lives! Quantum Atlas 10K II

Benchmarks: Data Transfer Performance

You can clearly see the Quantum high-end drive breaking the barrier of 40 MB/s. I guess it's interesting for many of you to see that the drive is as "slow" as the IDE models if you fill the drive completely. 'At the end' of the drive, only 20.5 MB/s are provided.

Benchmarks: Disk Access Time

Thanks to the high revolution speed of 10,000 rpm the Quantum Atlas 10K II is clearly faster than today's 7,200 rpm drives.

Benchmarks: WinBench 99

Here is a little disappointment for everybody who thought that a super-fast hard drive will speed up all kind of applications. The WinMark test simulates the disk accesses which take place in the WinStone run (Business or Highend).