SCSI Lives! Quantum Atlas 10K II


After several reviews of IDE hard drives, this article is the first review of a professional SCSI hard drive. At prices of $ 1000 and more (73.4 GB), those models are very expensive and not particularly suitable for home users.

The drive is made for workstations or servers and will mostly be found in stripe sets or other types of disk arrays. 8 MB cache memory are not provided by any of the two most important competitors: IBM's Ultrastar 36LZX comes with 4 MB cache whilst Seagate's Cheetah 73 series is available either with 4 or 16 (!) MB buffer.

The biggest advantage of a 10,000 rpm drive is not primarily the better transfer speed, but the clearly shorter access times. Those are of major importance for database or web servers, which might be the primary area where those kind of hard drives are used.

Even if money was not important I would never want to use such a hard drive in a desktop computer. Games do not require such fast hard drives. Applications like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and others will of course benefit from the high performance drive, but both the access and the standby noise will stress you out.