SCSI Lives! Quantum Atlas 10K II

Test Setup

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Test System
CPUIntel Celeron, 500 MHz
MotherboardAOpen AX3S Pro, i815 chipset
RAM128 MB SDRAM, 7ns (Crucial/Micron or Wichmann Workx) CL2
SCSI ControllerTekram DC-390U3D, Ultra160 SCSI
Graphics Cardi815 On-Board Graphics
Network3COM 905TX PCI 100 Mbit
Operating SystemsWindows 98 SE 4.10.2222 AWindows 2000 Pro 5.00.2195 SP1
Benchmarks and Measuring
Office Applications BenchmarkZD WinBench 99 - Business Disk Winmark 1.2
Highend Applications BenchmarkZD WinBench 99 - Highend Disk Winmark 1.2
Performance TestsZD WinBench 99 - Disc Inspection Test
Temperature MeasurementsUsing the motherboard's monitoring port and a thermistor, we give you the highest temperature value measured on the drive's surface. All drives ran two hours to ensure they were at working temperature.
Noise MeasurementWe built our own noise measurement crate to avoid influences from other noise sources.
Environment Settings
Graphics DriverIntel i815 Reference Driver 4.2
Storage DriveApril 17, 2000
DirectX Version7.0a
Screen Resolution1024x768, 16 Bit, 85 Hz Refresh