SCSI Lives! Quantum Atlas 10K II

Disc Operating Noise

Usually I start the graphics at zero. In this case, I wanted the difference to look bigger due to the nature of the results. The Decibel-Scale is exponential which means that 10 dB(A) more is double the noise!

Due to the high rotation speed the Atlas 10K II is acustically always present with a high frequency whistle, disqualifying the drive for desktop use. The disk access noise is quite cracky.

Disc Operating Temperature

As expected the 10,000 rpm drive becomes clearly hotter than usual 7,200 rpm models. Thus I would clearly advise against running such a hard drive without a dedicated fan. We measured the temperature of 57 (C after one hour. I guess if it is properly installed in a computer case, the temperature will easily reach 70 degrees if you don't cool the drive.

Overheating always means data loss and a reduction of the drive's life span, so don't forget to cool high-performance drives.