Seagate's Savvio Offers Mobile Form Factor for Enterprise-Caliber Storage

Savvio Close Up, Continued

Like most other current SCSI drives, the Savvio supports the SCAM protocol (SCSI Configured Automatically), which automatically assigns a suitable drive ID. That's not a bad feature, as jumpers would not have been a good idea anyway on the small and tightly packed board. There would also be the huge bother of removing the drive from the casing before being able to change a jumper.

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Seagate Savvio
Form factor2.5"
ModelsST936701 (36.7 GB)ST973401 (73.4 GB)
InterfacesLC - Ultra320 SCSIFC - Fibre Channel 2 GBit/s
Configuration36.7 GB - 1 platter, 2 heads73.4 GB - 2 platters, 4 heads
Cache8 MB
Spindle Speed10,000 rpm
MTBF1.4 million hours
Manufacturer's warranty5 years