Separating The Wheat from the Chaff: The Latest DDR2 Modules Tested

Crucial/Micron PC2-4300U

The PC2-4300 modules from Crucial/Micron also arrived at THG last summer. The US-based maker has created a decent name for itself for a long time selling memory modules. Its image has been polished up even more since last year, when it began introducing products for high-end users. In our first test the Ballistix Series for DDR2-667 achieved timings just under those of DDR2-700. Today we assume that the latest modules can easily surpass the 700 mark.

Unfortunately, the newest Ballistix DIMMs were not made available to us for the test. However, the standard DIMMs from Crucial didn't fare any worse; on the contrary, in fact: the modules handled DDR2-710 at FSB1066 without complaint, at timings of CL5-4-5-12. That's a very acceptable result for a product that is only designed for DDR2-533.