Separating The Wheat from the Chaff: The Latest DDR2 Modules Tested

Ready For DDR2-800: XMS2 CM2X512A

A few weeks ago Corsair sent us another matched memory pair from the XMS2 series (not PRO). Corsair specified a maximum 675 MHz for these DIMMs, with the same CL4-4-4-12 timings on the sticker. And once again, the DIMMs fired up at CL 4-5-5-15. Unlike the PRO-series DIMMs, however, this made sense, since the memory pair was accompanied by the announcement that they could achieve DDR2-800 speed.

Starting with DDR2-667, these prototype DIMMs likewise function reliably only at CL5-4-5-12 timings. In fact we achieved speeds in the ballpark of DDR2-750, but we still have a few months to wait until "real" DDR2-800 DIMMs reach the stores. If you listen to what numerous manufacturers are saying, such speeds are going to pose serious challenges for motherboard designers.