Shuttle's XPCs: Two Power SFF PCs for Intel and AMD Sockets

The Shuttle XPC SB95P V2

The technical data on the SB95P V2 provide ample evidence that Shuttle was thinking big when it designed this model. The motherboard is based on the i925XE - and the ICH6R chipset pair. The SFF PC can be pumped up to 4 GB via the memory interface, which can handle two DDR2 modules . Supported are memory sticks with and without ECC that can be operated in single- or dual-channel mode. With a single memory module the bandwidth is 4.2 GB/s. This figure doubles to 8.5 GB/s when you use two identical DIMM modules. With DDR2 533 MHz memory modules, the Front Side Bus operates at 1066 MHz - provided, that is, that the Pentium 4 supports the same FSB speed.

The XPC can be expanded with cards via two PCI Express slots. The graphics interface complies with the x16 specification. While there is another slot available, it only offers x1 PCIe. The onboard sound with integrated Intel High Definition Audio supports 7.1-channel playback. The audio out is accomplished via the I/O interface. Taking care of LAN connection is a Broadcom BCM5751 chip, which is connected to the I925XE chip via internal PCI Express. The XPC goes with Serial ATA as a hard drive interface. The board sports a total of four connection options. Thankfully, Shuttle still thought to include a P-ATA port for EIDE drives like CD-ROM or DVD burner.

No-frills design in gray

XPC SP95P V2 retail package

The ramshackle front bay covers don't withstand a lot of pressure.

The XPC is packed with ports.

Most users will find everything they want.

A Motherboard chipset with passive cooling.

Wide PCIe graphics cards are designed for cramped spaces.

Siggy Moersch