Shuttle's XPCs: Two Power SFF PCs for Intel and AMD Sockets


As far as what you get in the package goes, the new XPC models contain the exact same stuff. Only the user's manuals are different- due to the different motherboards and chipsets. The CPU cooler works with an 80mm fan, which is designed to cool the four heatpipes. A "Smart Fan" control that can be set in the BIOS regulates the connected cooling fans.

Shuttle uses this heatpipe cooler in its XPCs.

The four heatpipes are easy to see.

Two CDs contain drivers, anti-virus software, etc.

Special drive mounting brackets are included for installing drives, which can be clipped onto the drives without screws. This also helps reduce noise levels by acoustically isolating the hard drives. Shuttle threw in a short yet sufficiently long for its purpose ATA cable for hooking up an IDE drive. There is also a third Serial ATA cable. The other S-ATA cables come preinstalled inside the SFF.

Extra cables are included.

Mounting brackets for the hard drives.

There's even room for a floppy drive.

The user's manuals are specific to the respective XPC.

Rack mount for the drives

Siggy Moersch