Behind The Silicon Curtain: Exclusive Test Of The P4/2666 With 533 MHz Rambus

Pictures Of Our Test System

Watercooling: The new heatsink from Innovatek.

Chipsets Compared: Intel 850E, 850, 845D Und 845

This table lists all Intel chipsets for the 478 platform.

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ChipsetIntel 850EIntel 850Intel 845DIntel 845
IntroductionJune 2002January 2001December 2001July 2001
Processor PlattformSocket 478Socket 423/478Socket 478Socket 423/478
Supported CPUIntel Pentium 4Intel Pentium 4Intel Pentium 4Intel Pentium 4
Multiprocessor Supportyesyesnono
Chipset NorthbridgeIntel KC82850EIntel KC82850Intel 82845Intel 82845
Chipset SouthbridgeIntel 82801 BAIntel 82801 BAIntel 82801 BAIntel 82801 BA
Front Side Bus Clock100/133 MHz100/133 MHz66/100/133 MHz66/100/133 MHz
Memory Clock400 MHz/533 MHz400 MHz100/133 MHz DDR-SDRAM100/133 MHz SDRAM
Asynchronous Memory Clockyesyesyesyes
FSB-Overclockingup to 166 MHzup to 133 MHzup to 166 MHzup to 180 MHz
max. # DIMM-Slots4434
max. Memory2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB
SDRAM Supportnononoyes
DDR SDRAM Supportnonoyesno
VC SDRAM Supportnononono
RIMM Support (Rambus)yesyesnono
Dual RIMM Support (Rambus)yesyesnono
Max. # USB4446
USB 2.0yesnonoyes
Max.# PCI Slots6666
Integrated Graphicsnononono
AGP 1x / 2x / 4xyes / yes / yesyes / yes / yesyes / yes / yesyes / yes / yes
ACPI Featuresyesyesyesyes