Behind The Silicon Curtain: Exclusive Test Of The P4/2666 With 533 MHz Rambus

Breaking In At Intel: P4/2666 With 533 MHz Rambus

Completely unnoticed, the THG spy slips through an open window into the heart of Intel. Most of the company employees have long since gone home for the night. Our spy is shaking with anticipation because there's a lot at stake tonight. He is able to make his way into the bowels of the CPU giant using his thorough knowledge of the architecture. A few quick moves and suddenly he finds what he's looking for: the next generation of processors, in the form of the Pentium 4/2666 with 133 MHz FSB. Satisfied, and much relieved, he disappears into the shadows - it was all worth it.

Dramatic license apart, we have the new P4 platform with 533 MHz Rambus memory and can now put it to the test for you. It's a premiere of sorts, since Intel won't be introducing this processor or the faster RDRAM (based on PC 1066 specifications) for months.

Pentium 4/2666 with 533 MHz RDRAM in action. The FSB clock: 133 MHz.