SiS Back On Stage: The SiS730 Chipset for Duron and Athlon

Features Of The SiS 730S Chipset, Continued

PCI Interface

  • Up to 4 32 Bit PCI Masters at 33 MHz

Busmaster IDE Controller

  • Two UltraDMA/100 channels

Integrated 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator

  • 64 Bit Memory Interface
  • Up to 64 MB Shared Memory
  • 8K Texture Cache
  • Supports all important 3D features including flat and gouroud shading, dithering, bump mapping, perspective correction, Mipmapping with trilinear texture filtering, mip-mapped texture with transparency, blending, wrapping, mirroring and clamping, fogging, alpha blending, spectacular lighting, full scene anti aliasing.
  • 128 Bit 2D Engine (up to 1600x1200x24 at 85 Hz)
  • Video acceleration features inclucing hardware DVD acceleration
  • Optional SiS301 video bridge for TV output

PCI Audio

Wavetable Synthesizer

  • Six Channel sound
  • DirectSound compliant
  • Microsoft WDM Streaming
  • Support for external AC97 codec
  • SPDIF out

Power Management Controller

  • ACPI 1.0 (S1, S3, S4, S5)
  • APM 1.2

Other Devices

  • DMA and Interrupt Controller
  • Keyboard Controller
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) Host Controller (2 Controllers, 6 Ports)

Fast Ethernet

  • 32 Bit PCI Master
  • 10/100 Mbit